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3 Need-To-Know Maintenance Tips For Artificial Turf Lacrosse Playing Fields


21 Nov 3 Need-To-Know Maintenance Tips For Artificial Turf Lacrosse Playing Fields




As a spring sport, lacrosse players in colder parts of the country need to practice on snow and ice — but for Californians, the weather remains suitable year-round. However, you will want to be aware of these three need-to-know maintenance requirements that will keep your artificial grass lacrosse field performing optimally.

1. Monitor Areas Around Goals

Lacrosse goalies are highly active, and it’s easy for natural grass to get worn away in the areas in front of the goal. But with artificial grass, your care will be easier. Make sure this area is monitored closely so that you can look for any issues with your turf — players can be seriously injured when there is an unexpected change in playing surface. Check infill levels and use a rake to move any displaced material back into place.

2. Look At Face-Off Spots

In men’s lacrosse, starting or restarting a game happens via face-off, in which two players vie for a ball on the ground. With natural grass, this surface is damaged within a game or two, but with artificial grass, you’ll again want to make sure infill is evenly distributed.

3. Create Separate Areas For Practice

When it comes to practicing, make sure players don’t stay in one spot as this will put more strain on that area. Instead, lay out separate areas for face-off or goalie practice so athletes aren’t always doing these activities in the same spot.




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