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A Brief History Of The Use Of Artificial Turf In Sports — And How Things Have Changed Today


19 Apr A Brief History Of The Use Of Artificial Turf In Sports — And How Things Have Changed Today


While artificial turf has been used in professional stadiums for decades, it’s also seen a lot of changes and improvements in recent years that have made it attractive to municipal and school fields as well.

But where did the use of artificial grass start? This brief history of the use of synthetic turf for sports fields is a quick primer in how much things have changed.

The 1960s: The Houston Astrodome

Houston’s stadium was cutting-edge; it was the first sports stadium to be covered, and it used artificial grass, which was aptly named in the stadium’s honor: Astroturf. However, this early artificial turf didn’t quite look like grass, and it wasn’t meant to — it was designed to be an optimal sports playing surface in a setting without sunlight.

Astroturf fell out of favor pretty quickly as it was prone to cause surface burns and other injuries in players who came into contact with it and was made of nylon, a pricey material.

The 1980s: Polypropylene and Sand

By the 1980s, turf was becoming more refined as a playing surface. Switching to a polypropylene yarn which was held up and supported by sand infill made it safer to play on and better equipped to improve playing conditions. Unfortunately, the sand did make it difficult for sports like football to be played as it would also injure players who slid or fell on it.

The 1990s: Polyethylene and Rubber

To combat some of the harm that earlier types of synthetic grass would cause, polyethylene yarns with rubber pellet infill were used for a softer surface that still supported play.

Today: Choice

Today’s artificial grass options give you a choice to design a surface that is supportive and safe. You can choose between material, infill, and even custom colors to create a playing field that gives players and fans the best experience possible.



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